Centralized Syllabus Repository

Easily archive and retrieve syllabus records

Thirty-five percent of administrators who frequently work with syllabi report that retrieving them is both difficult and time-consuming. Are you and your team members still wasting valuable time searching through hundreds if not thousands of individual syllabi scattered across departments and colleges for information? Or worse yet, are you expected to upload completed syllabi to various locations for accreditation and regulatory compliance?

Get started on a path to a simpler future.


Simple Syllabus stores all syllabi in an easily searchable, central repository for authorized campus stakeholders which can include instructors, administrators, students, and even external auditors based on permissions. Use filter criteria such as term, department, course code, instructor, and keywords to quickly narrow down results. Collect and export syllabi at anytime with a click of a button for regulatory or accreditation reviews.

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Automatic Archiving

Simple Syllabus automatically archives all syllabi created within its publisher along with the author’s credentials and timestamp. All syllabi created in the tool are organized chronologically through terms and can be locked from user updates based on class end dates to ensure the integrity of the archive for reporting purposes. There is no limit to how far back in time your institution can retain syllabus records through the application.

Centralized Location

Today’s institutions are oftentimes delivering classes across multiple campuses and form factors such as in person, online, or hybrid. The Simple Syllabus technology creates a storage hub in a single location for all these documents digitally without requiring any additional effort from instructors. Syllabi published through the tool are automatically listed in the syllabus library with a link to both a web and pdf version.

Powerful Search

End the paper chase with Simple Syllabus’ powerful search tool. Perform introspection on all syllabus content, campus wide, to find a syllabus that contains specific keywords. For quick results, use smart filters including: Term, Organizational Unit, Subject, and Course Number. Look for syllabi published by a specific instructor in real time through a freeform search field or use the online table of contents to see all syllabi within each department or college.

Multi-format Syllabus Center

Simple Syllabus publishes and stores all syllabus content in multiple formats to promote the optimal campus experience for users. Links to both a web and print version of the syllabus are included on every record within the library. The syllabus library and all its syllabi are automatically built using responsive design, ensuring users can access academic content at anytime from anywhere.

Intellectual Property Protection

Simple Syllabus ensures your institution’s intellectual property rights are protected at all times. Administrators can control the visibility of syllabi both internally and externally and can choose between making all syllabi public, accessible to students, accessible to instructors, or limit syllabus visibility to simply the instructors and students of that course. Furthermore, Simple Syllabus can give course instructors the ability to restrict access to their syllabus content all the way down to an individual component level for maximum privacy.

Quick Retrieval

Retrieving your institution’s syllabi and exporting them has never been easier than with Simple Syllabus. Each syllabus record in the library offers a print to PDF option for individual printing. For a more automated approach, evidence collection reports let Simple Syllabus administrators export an excel spreadsheet with url links to all web and pdf versions of a syllabus. Alternatively, users can choose to download a zipped folder that will contain a PDF version of every syllabus that meets your filter criteria.

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